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Anlyn Hansell is a pen name and the alter-ego of a woman currently residing in South Central Pennsylvania. By day, she works in management for a Fortune 500 company, writing technical documentation, going to meetings and endless conference calls. By night she is a wife and a mother of one; cooking dinner, doing laundry, helping with homework and all other domestic duties. In the middle of the night she is busy conjuring up new and exciting ways to whack people, make two opposites fall in love all while creating convoluted plot lines peppered with snarky dialogue.

As a writer, I have the unique opportunity to do anything, be anyone, live a life so different from my own reality. I am an observer of people and situations. I live in my own head; plots, characters, and dialogue are a constant companion to my subconscious. My only relief is to type it out.

Somehow, I also manage to read. When I say read, I mean I devour full length novels in the space of a couple of hours, sometimes staying up late into the night to finish something if I consider it impossible to put down. I love the written word much more than any TV show or movie. I like to create my own visual interpretation, so reading is my preferred method of entertainment. Writing was a natural progression. I write what I would like to read.

My heroines are strong, independent, flawed, sometimes troubled, but always ready with a sarcastic retort. My heroes give as good as they get. They too are flawed, sometimes pushy, usually good-looking and swoon-worthy – at least in my mind. I tend to focus more on the chemistry between my characters and not so much on the physical side. I only add intimate scenes if I feel it furthers the story, so if you’re looking for a hot and steamy read with graphic words to describe body parts or actions – sorry. I throw a few f-bombs around, but the c’s and p’s will never make it into my novels. I don’t mind reading it, I just find myself mortified trying to write it!

To be honest, I rarely reveal to people that I write. I prefer to keep that side of myself separate for professional reasons. However, when I do tell the occasional person, I usually describe my writing as mystery, suspense, paranormal but always with a romantic element. I want to be the writer that creates romance novels even a guy would read. Crazy? Probably, but why not? I have a few men that have listed my books on Goodreads and a couple that have befriended me on Facebook, so maybe I’m on to something.

Drop me a line if you want to connect. I love interacting with readers. Let me know what you like, more importantly – what you don’t like (I have a thick skin) or let me know if you’ve read anything that I might be interested in consuming. I’m always on the lookout for a good book.