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It’s quite simple, really.

I covet what I can no longer have and when the opportunity arises, I take it.

He calls me a parasite; a being so corrupted by the multitude of souls I’ve interrupted with my selfish desires, that I have lost every bit of my original humanity.

What does he know? I make their lives better, no matter how he tries to twist it.

He says I must be contained.

I say he can stuff it.

This man, this self-righteous, smoothly deceptive entity that insists we follow the natural laws of the afterlife…

He’s a thorn in my non-existent side. An unwanted and constant companion in my mind that uses every trick he can conjure to hold me and countless others against our will.

I vow to fight him, even when his stinging barbs become honeyed words.

Even when his harsh demeanor softens to the point where I can’t quite remember why I hated him in the first place.