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Available January 2019:

3d illustration of woman lost in the woods,Scary background mixe

Beauty and the Beast meets the Labyrinth in the story of a woman lost and a man who couldn’t care less.

I made a slight mistake.

And by slight, I mean an uncharacteristic lapse in judgement has landed me in a place that my rational mind cannot explain, and my body cannot escape. A land full of strange creatures and decaying landscape all ruled by quite possibly the rudest, most rotten person I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting.

Luckily, I’m a woman quite capable of adapting to my surroundings and I have no problem going toe to toe with my grumpy adversary. I might even turn this dismal place around if I’m here long enough.
I wonder, though.

For someone who insists he prefers a solitary existence, he sure seems to pop up to antagonize me often enough. Imagine my surprise to find the one person I wanted to avoid is the one I’ve come to crave more than life itself.