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Available January 3, 2018:


The Truth About Boys and Girls

Loathe at first sight.


I believe I’ve answered the age-old question as to whether Bigfoot is real.

He’s real, all right. Really annoying, really opinionated and really encroaching on my personal space as I sit at the bar.  It’s all I can do to get away before he drags me off to his cave.


The laws of nature dictate that lone prey is much easier to pursue and catch than one within a herd. Of course, this is a dance club, not the African Plains, but the concept is the same. I need an ‘in’ with her group of friends and she’s seated all alone at the bar, just waiting for a guy like me.

The first time Andie Crocciatelli meets Cooper Pearson, she’s less than impressed. However, Cooper has a way of getting a girl’s attention. Extortion, blackmail, threats of jail time can do that to a person. It also doesn’t hurt that underneath all that scruff is one exceptionally fine-looking man complete with a sensual mouth that can tell lies like it’s his job.

Actually, it is his job.

Andie and her three roommates have their priorities. Intrigue, chaos and romance are not on the list, but that’s exactly what they get when they are thrown into the middle of a criminal investigation. When it becomes apparent that being able to tell the good guys from the bad guys is a challenge, these not-so-damsels in distress might just have to take matters into their own hands.