My New Obsession

I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Netflix.

I watched anything and everything that caught my fancy, binge watching instead of writing the two manuscripts I’ve been working on for the last two years.

This show kept popping up in my recommendations and I ignored it because it was a Mainland Chinese show that was undoubtedly subtitled and I don’t do subtitles. I always thought it would be too distracting to try and watch a show and read at the same time.

Man, was I wrong.

I finally gave it a shot and I was HOOKED. I think I watched all 58 episodes in the space of a week, one after the other, staying up late and getting up early just to find out what happened next.

I’ll admit, I knew little to nothing about Asian culture. I had no idea that the stories they write are very similar to what I like to write. Character development is spot on, humor mixed with serious plot lines, some intrigue, lots of drama, little to no sex, slow burn romance, gorgeous scenery and stunning actors. This particular drama had me laughing in one episode and bawling my eyes out in the next. After it ended, I swear, my heart hurt. It really did! I was having some sort of physical reaction to this show and I can honestly say that has never happened before.

Some of these shows are not for the faint of heart. They don’t seem to do the Happily Ever After – I mean, there is always something at the end that has you staring with an open mouth. Yes, the main characters end up together in some cases but there’s always something…something not entirely right.

And then, there are those dramas that you watch the entire season – and when I say “season” I mean as many as 70 plus episodes and then BAM! Everyone you like DIES.


After I get done with one of those, I immediately have to find another one to get me out of my funk.

I’ve pretty much run through everything Netflix and Amazon Prime have to offer. Now, I’ve signed up for Rakuten Viki and holy crap – they have EVERYTHING.

My husband calls me a Commie and tells me the NSA probably has me on a watch list because he thinks he’s funny and yet…sometimes he stands in the kitchen and secretly watches these shows because he’ll wander in to the living room and ask me a question about a character and ha ha – I totally caught him.

I liked that first show so much, I actually went on Wattpad to see if anyone wrote any fan fiction as a sequel because my favorite character on that show had the most craptacular ending that just irked me. Yes, there were some sequels on there, but for some reason, I felt compelled to write one.

I wrote that in the space of a month and a half and ugh! If I was only getting paid every time someone reads it, I swear I would be making bank right now. Oh well, it was a labor of love and I had so much fun writing it.

Now, I’m back to my two unfinished manuscripts, trying so hard to sit and write and fight the allure of the K and C Drama, because there are so many.

By the way, that C-Drama is called Ashes of Love, and you have to get to Episode 30 – because things start going nuts – stick with it, I swear. The characters that were annoying in the beginning change and that’s all I’m going to say here.

Some others that really stuck with me are: Crash Landing on You, The Princess Weiyoung, The King Eternal Monarch, Empress Ki, Princess in the East Palace (ugh…this one), Love is Sweet, and on and on.

See if you get sucked in. I swear, I have never yelled so much at my TV.

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