I hate when I do this.

I’m working on one novel. I’m really into said novel and then out of the blue, this other idea pops into my brain. It has nothing to do with the current book I’m writing. In fact, it is the polar opposite of that novel.

The little idea starts to nag at me, firing up the synapses in my brain, taking over and burying the other plot I am 2 chapters into. Suddenly all I can think about is this other novel.

This started yesterday. In fact, it was entertaining me in the background while I slogged my way through hydraulic schematics and torque charts (my real job). By the end of the work day, I had already formed my main characters, their quirks, some scenes, the plot and even some of the dialogue. I drove home intent on starting an outline of sorts just so I didn’t forget what I had so far. Of course, that never happened. Real life takes over, other household priorities pop up and that task is completely forgotten.

I woke up this morning determined to refocus on the current novel. I wrote 50 words. Wow. Now I’m blogging, still thinking about that other book. Focus much?

This isn’t to say I don’t love my current project. It’s an ambitious novel. Four romances, 12 distinct characters, some mystery, some suspense, a bit of humor. The entire book was born of one scene that I had in my head. I envisioned a police line-up with four inebriated women and all the fun I could have with that. Now I’m building the story around it. I even have the cover worked out. It’s called ‘Village Idiots’ for a good reason.

This other novel – the ‘intruder’, so to speak, isn’t even a romance. Not right now, at least. I envision a straightjacket clad torso on the cover. Maybe a title like “The Crazies” or something like that. (I have this thing for mental institutions at the moment. I find them fascinating. Why? No idea.) I was thinking about a scenario where the people in these institutions – the ones that spew stuff that makes no sense to the rest of the so-called normal population – what if they were right? What if that crazy stuff is truth and they know something we don’t? What if they purposely stay in those institutions, hidden and forgotten until they rise up for a greater purpose, saving us all without anyone in the so-called sane population even knowing? I could have such fun with this. It would be satirical, humorous, maybe a bit thought-provoking. Maybe this has been written before – probably has. I know I’ve never read anything like it, but then again, I’ve only read a miniscule amount of the books available out there.

Now the question is: Work on the current novel? Work on the other one?  Maybe play around with the new graphics software I just bought?  Totally focused…

One thought on “I hate when I do this.

  1. I think you should switch gears. I’d rather read the crazies than romance. You remind me of a steady thought I’ve had most of my adult life. Back in the day (you know, biblical days), prophets knew the future, people had visions and visitations by angels and Yahweh all the time. Now those people would be institutionalized. Back then they were the holy of holies!


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