I blame Outlander.

A couple of Friday’s ago, I was flipping through the channels on my TV and I saw this movie pop up and I thought, “Hmmm…I wonder if that’s Outlander?” A quick hit on the info button and I confirmed it. I don’t have Starz but apparently they were showing the first season on Encore – which I have.

I started watching it. I actually attempted to read the book a while ago, but for some reason, the writing – which is actually very good, by the way – is just not my style. Too descriptive for me. Some readers love that. I’m not one of them.

At any rate, I got sucked in to this story line, and OK, let’s face it – the guy they cast to play Jamie was pretty darn hot so I committed myself to watching 2 hours of this show for eight days straight.  It was good. It kept my attention for the first 5 or 6 episodes until it started pissing me off.

I love a well-developed bad guy. In some cases, I like the bad guy more than the hero. In this case? Not so much. I hated this bad guy so much that my husband would come in to the bedroom to find out what I was yelling at.

Yep. I was yelling at the screen. This must be good if it was riling me up that much.

Here’s my problem…

I’m trying really hard to write my OWN novel. One that I put a release of Summer 2016 on. Instead? I’m rewriting THIS story in my head. I can’t stop thinking about it – it just has me so ANGRY. It’s been off the air for a week and I still can’t believe how it ended. I am a member of a local RWA chapter and I put a goal of 5000 words written for the month of April.

I have written – to this day – 173 words on my novel.  I blame Outlander.

I am in awe of this writer. I am in awe that someone could write something that could irk me so much that she hijacked my brain. She did. She’s a hijacker.

The point of this blog is – I have no idea. See? She hijacked my blog too…

One thought on “I blame Outlander.

  1. Dear Anlyn,
    I have read 2 of your books this weekend (”This guy kills me” and ”Absolute zero”). I loved them. Both of them were such a breath of fresh air and so much fun; i liked the banter, the fact that the relationship between characters didnt happen overnight, that the characters were quirky; Ive been so bored with romance books lately, they seem to all follow the same script and i am so glad to have found yours. They are now among my books to permanently re-read list (right there with ”Agnes and the hitman” or ”Mr Perfect”).
    I liked them so much that i decided i need to get the rest of your work BUT surprise! I cannot because i am not a kindle user 😦 Ive had a friend visiting with kindle, but what do i do now? I have been googling all over to find your books in paperback or e-book format which i can buy (i use a regular e-reader – no amazon account) but i cannot find any. My question is, is there any other format for your books other than kindle that i can purchase? If it is, where can i get them from? Please make my day ! Im from Romania so maybe my google results have been somewhat limited by the distance, i dont know 🙂 i hope that is the case as im dying to read about the other crazy characters.
    Looking forward to your reply,
    PS: I couldnt finish ”Outlander” either.


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